Quality & HSE

Quality standards and certificates

High quality standards are one of the cornerstones of our manufacturing approach.
Sustainability in the heart of all our activities, rewards us with our products and services. Therefore, we keep our sustainable quality perspective at the highest level in all our processes and manufacture without compromising international standards.

Occupational health, safety and environment

The safety of each and every employee with whom we work every day and walk the path of success together is the utmost importance. Provision of a safe and healthy working environment; availing the necessary equipment, relevant information, reminders and trainings for our employees are our essentials.

Furthermore, we continuously work to contribute for a world worth living by minimizing our carbon footprint through our clean energy investments as well as recycling projects to reduce our waste.
Our commitment to continuous growth and development is confirmed via joint participation and contribution of all our employees with our achievements in the areas of quality, environment, occupational safety and health.
We provide our employees and business partners with the systems and equipment required to access the information needed, take the necessary confidentiality measures within this framework and perform authorization in a way that ensures information security.
Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our corporate culture and philosophy.
We consider sustainability not only in terms of our environmental impact but in various aspects such as manufacturing, consumption, human resources, social relations and we set our goals in this direction.