Ates Celik Social Responsibility Projects — Welding School & Women Manufacturers

The bases of our social responsibility projects are driven by local community employment needs. We will continue prioritizing employee candidates from local community for all open positions available at Ates Celik.

While we were selecting Ates Celik factory location, our main focus was on existing and planned ports for efficient and fast export. But we noticed the bottleneck with qualified labor especially for welding in our area. In order to address this drawback we established Ates Celik Welding School in 2013 with collaborating with IS-KUR (Turkish Employment Organization) and MEB (Ministry of Education). With this first social responsibility project, over 100 candidates from the community have completed the training successfully and we hired 75% of these trainees.

Universal research on psychomotor tests enlighten us that women are more prospering than men in hand-eye coordination required jobs. With this awareness, we invited women for welding training that were never involved in registered workforce. The women in our community accepted our invitation eagerly. After in a short period of two months training by our skilled trainers they could do submerged arc welding without supervision, and at the end of third month they qualified to receive Professional Competence certificate. This was our second social responsibility project.

After successful completion of this program, we adopted our third social responsibility project with confidence that women will be thriving in other areas of manufacturing. We trained and employ women candidates for grinding, coating, plasma cutting, and internal assembly operator positions.

Currently we employ 42 women workers. Our women workforce has helped us tremendously to lower accidents at work, quality defects and improved on time delivery. we are proud of involving women from our community into industrial workforce.