The Journey of Ateş



We started with steel manufacturing within Say Reklam, interior and exterior signage solutions.
Ates Wind Power


A separate factory is established under the name of Ateş Çelik.


We moved to our new premises established in Bergama,İzmir.
Tarihce - 2013


We started tower manufacturing for wind power plants.


We established the first factory for direct-drive generator manufacturing in Turkey.

Our Story

Our story started by manufacturing steel carrier parts of outdoor advertising products within Say Reklam and is continuing with the products and solutions that we develop for wind energy sector to this day.

In 2007, the steel manufacturing line of Say Reklam was transferred to a new factory and manufacturing carried out under the name Ateş Çelik. In 2013, with the know-how and experience accumulated in 24 years in the steel construction sector, we started to manufacture towers for wind power plants step by step as we grow and develop. In addition to tower manufacturing, in 2019, we established the first and only direct-drive technology based generator factory in Turkey.

We have been manufacturing for various wind power projects all around the world to this day on our premises in Bergama, İzmir.