In 2013, with the know-how and experience accumulated in 24 years in the steel manufacturing sector, we started to manufacture towers for wind power plants.

We manufacture sections up to 6 meters in diameter at our facilities in Bergama.

The total length of the towers we manufacture varies between 80 and 150 metres.

We handle plates with thicknesses from 12-13 up to 105 millimeters and execute cutting, bevelling and bending and welding operations with precision. We operate with an annual average capacity of approximately 1.500 MW without compromising our high quality standards.

We also manufacture tower foundation rings, tower foundation baskets, steel tower internals and tower transport equipment following the same quality approach.



In addition to tower manufacturing, we established Turkey’s first and only direct-drive technology based generator factory in 2018. As a consequence of our cooperation with one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies ENERCON, we manufacture at international standards in the factory we established with ENERCON’s extensive know-how and expertise.

We deliver direct-drive generators manufactured in Turkey to projects both in our country and around the world such as Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Canada and Vietnam.

With an annual manufacturing volume of 150 sets of generators which corresponds to an installed power of approximately 650 Megawatts, we confidently continue to produce for wind energy sector.


We offer a wide variety of adaptive products for wind power plants, independent of the tower type, not limited to solutions for steel tower internals but up to big parts such as rotors and stators. Through our proactive thinking, we present and implement solutions that make life comfortable for our clients.

Having a remarkable supplier network inland and abroad, we provide required materials with high quality and in a fast, timely manner. We manufacture metal parts such as platforms, guardrails, supports and connection plates required for tower internal installation, within our facilities.

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