We are stronger with our employees

Competence of our employees and the continuation of their success is the basis of our corporate strength. Therefore, we keep investing in our qualified human resources, improve ourselves at every step, thus grow and succeed together.

Sustainability is within

At Ateş Wind Power, sustainability starts within the company. Our goal is to ensure social and educational sustainability for our entire team. We aim to offer a pleasant environment where every member of our corporate family feels content where the awareness of raising the life quality of our employees is the main driver which in turn translates into raising the quality of our work.


Discovering the potential of our region

Bergama-İzmir, where our facilities are located, is a region where seasonal employment opportunities based on agriculture are dominant. As Ateş Wind Power, we seek to unleash the potential of the people in our region and we work targeting an added value to our region and our country. Therefore, we prioritize regional employment to create our workforce as much as possible in line with our recruitment policy.

We believe that our qualified human resources is our highest value and respectively, we promote the people of the region to participate in the projects we realize. We are very well aware of the potential of the women in the region. We invited women to our training program, since we determined that women are significantly more successful in jobs requiring hand-eye coordination. Upon completion of their training, the women who have never worked before have joined our Ateş Wind Power family as welding operators, paint operators, grinding operators and oxy-plasma cutting operators.

Ready to energize our team?

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