We offer logistic support both for the projects undertaken and for the requirements of our client related with those projects, where we create a critical difference with the solutions we provide for the transportation of wind turbine parts. We offer logistics services not only for the transportation of the towers but also for the rotor blades.

Using the fixtures we developed for tower sections, we ensure that steel tower parts are transported easily from the factory to the installation site. Therefore, we contribute to the safe, time and cost effective completion of various stages such as storing, loading and unloading without the need for any other special equipment.

Particularly, in export projects that require overseas transportation, we are able to deliver our clients’ products to the nearest port, then to the project site without interruption.


We provide storage services for large wind turbine parts in the extensive stock area on our premises in Bergama, İzmir.

The extensive stock area is sufficient for our own products as well as allowing us to provide additional storage support for our clients if required. For the projects we manufacture towers or generators, we are also able to store other large parts such as rotor blades. With this important value-add we offer our storage capacity to our clients to facilitate their change management as well as to reduce their costs, at a single location through a single point of contact.


Acting as a solution partner, we support our clients extensively at each and every stage of their projects.

We know the dynamics of the wind energy sector and follow the developments closely. Accordingly, we stand by our clients in all aspects required for the success of their projects via our engineering and technical know-how, planning and organizational power.

Our clients carry out their entire project process in a safe manner, since we provide a comfortable environment through our infrastructure based on high quality and sustainability principles as well as offering all our experience through integrated and proactive solutions.